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Goorin Brothers Hat Shop

Monday, July 4th, 2011







Every Noggin         Needs Some Lovin’










Two things.

One.  Props to Ne-Yo for bringing back a little old school.  With a good boy/bad boy tip of his hat and some pricey music videos,  he accomplished  what many a mother has only fantasized about while under the salon dryer.  He got a chunk (tho, granted, a micro percentage) of city boys to buy a belt, pull their pants up and rock a little retro while they stroll down the sidewalks and mall food courts.  I’ll give Usher a little tip of that hat as well, but sorry, dude…Ne-Yo wears it better.

Two.  I wasn’t lucky enough to be born with a Hat Head.  Through the years, living out a number of Winters in New England, I did master the unfortunate Hat Head, but not the Cool kind.  Not to brag, but I gotz me some nice pearly white teeth, thanks to flouride in my hometown’s water system, and two years of pre-rinsing my braces…but hats have always been my nemesis.  Think of a Tweety Bird Pez dispenser.  Put a goatee on it. Then put a hat on it.  There you go.  Thanks for nothing.

But now there’s Goorin Brothers to the rescue.  Since 1895 they’ve been plopping lids on melons of all shapes and sizes.  The kind of hats that you see in old polariods, flickery movies and today’s runway widescreens.  Throw in some caps and winter fuzzies and you have one sweet retailer.  Check out their site.  There are loads of locations, and page after page of great looking dome shields.

After 4 generations they have landed on Boston’s Newbury Street and they are giving the Fenway B cap a run for its money.  This Hat Shop was made for this stylin’ avenue, as if the Mothership found the perfect docking station.  Walking up the stairs and inside is like a haberdashery time warp.  Worth a look even if you have already maxxed out on hats this season.  (As if.)  Prices are surprisingly understated, but the styles are certainly not.  If you can’t find the perfect cover for your coconut inside this shop then shame on you.  There is really something for everyone.

So a tip of my hat to Goorin Brothers.  And a candy filled tip of my Pez Head as well. Check them out.  Extremely DanCool.

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