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DanCool Apps: Photosynth for iPhone

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

To all of you who have managed to make an Art Form out of wandering aimlessly in circles while attempting to run errands or simply make it from Point A to Point B…I salute you.  It has already been well documented that I could write the eBook on bobble heading around in child like discovery instead of actually paying attention to other pedestrians and incoming traffic, and have somehow so far lived to tell the story.  So I jumped right on this one.

The Photosynth App for iPhone is made for people like us.

There are hundreds of photo panorama apps out there, but most of them end up looking like you scotch taped a bunch of polaroids together on the refrigerator.  That was nifty back when the Brady Bunch went to the Grand Canyon, but it’s 2011, people.  This app is how it should be done.  It’s amazing.  It’s easy to use.  And it’s free.  A triple score.

Plant yourself in one spot and turn on the app.  Then just do what we do best…spin around slowly while looking up and down and right and left.  The app automatically snaps a photo every couple of feet, using a neato overlay marker, so you don’t miss a spot in your panorama.  The more photos you shoot, the bigger and better your photo ends up.  Shoot the subject, the sky, the ground and all the details until you end up back where you started.

That’s it.  Using some kind of high tech software magic that is way beyond me, the photos are stitched together seamlessly and then…wait for it…BAM!…a little bit of your world is now in 3D panorama that you can spin, tilt and show off on your phone, Facebook or the Photosynth website.  It is only available for the iPhone right now, but it’s coming for other systems.  (One, relax…it’s coming.  Two…you should have an iPhone anyway.  Just saying.  Snap.)

But right now I’m still a little light headed from my last 360, so check out the corporate vid on the subject.  You need to see it in action, and they explain it better anyway.  Very DanCool.


DanCool Apps: Coming Soon To Your Phone! Augmented Reality Cinema

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

This upcoming mobile app may just be off the DanCool chart.

In case your own life is not exciting enough as you stroll around town, you might want to pull out your iPhone and jump into some Augmented Reality.  Using the Big Brother Is Always Watching You location hardware already planted in your phone, the app will recognize where you are and immediately stream scenes from movies that were filmed at that location.  Beyond the obvious cool factor, this new toy probably also has car accident written all over it,  as tourists and locals alike start pulling out their 3Gs and aimlessly pointing in wobbly circles all around their heads.

I’m going to assume that porn movies will not make the cut.  Nice try.  So don’t be pointing this thing at every Super 8 you pass on the highway.  That’s just nasty.

Check out the video.

Mr. Morris Lessmore iPad App

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011


It is no secret to anyone that I have sold my soul to Apple.

No secret to my friends.  Or to my family.  Or to strangers on the street.  (“There’s that glassy eyed guy with the Apple Bag.”)  Not even to the Apple Store employees who relentlessly keep coming outside the blinding glass facade to slap me upside the head for putting my face against the windows on Product Launch Days.  Luckily I don’t own a lawn chair or someday I might really cross that line and find myself behind the police barricade, waiting all night for something that I don’t really need and could just as easily order online and have delivered to my nice warm house.  But they don’t serve Apple Koolaid at my house.  And I drink it like I live in a Texas compound with a couple of uni-brow wives.

After years of holding out on that first purchase, just in case this whole internet thing didn’t pan out, the iPod Touch tempted me and I never looked back.  I’m actually thinking of switching to Fruit of the Loom undies strictly because the waistband tab has an big Apple on it.  I know, right?

But regardless of your own personal Apple Threat Level, this new iPad book app is truly A-MAZ-ING.  If you own an iPad, you need to have this on your screen, if for no reason other than to see how far this format has come in such a short time, and how the possibilities for the future seem endless.

If you don’t own an iPad, find someone who does, toss them a fiver, and check out William Joyce’s The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.  Technically I guess it’s considered a children’s book, but if you have any interest in computer graphics & art, writing, tech or anything freakin’ cool, then you will be impressed.  If you have kids, even better.  If you don’t have kids, but can find one in a non-creepy way, then they will love it as well.  But it’s worth the cheap price and the download even if you kick back on your own couch and just chill.

Originally an award winning silent short film in 2010, the story has been recreated for your touch screen in ways never seen before by this former PIXAR designer and Moonbot Studios.  What starts out as a beautifully illustrated book morphs before your eyes into an animated movie that you control with your finger tip.  There are so many things to do and see on this app.  It’s just DanCool.

Check out the vid….

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