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The Grand Rapids LipDub

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Word of Warning:  Do NOT talk smack about Grand Rapids, Michigan, or they will cut you.

Or at the least they will get 1,000s of their residents together and cut a viral music video.

But either way, watch out.

When the website Main Street gave the city a less than stellar review and dissed the dwindling population, the city took it to heart.  And luckily for Video Nation, they also took it to HD.

The logistics alone of getting thousands of townies together for a one take video is pretty amazing.  Anyone that has tried to get the whole family to just show up for the Holiday Picture at Kmart can relate to what it must have taken to get the whole town together.

For such a large city, with the cameras rolling non-stop, Grand Rapids managed to capture the kind of City Pride that we normally only get to see highlighted in the last 5 minutes of small town Clambake Festival newscasts.  Roger Ebert called it the “greatest music video ever made.”  You can decide whether it’s better than Thriller or not.  I just think it’s fun. And it totally beats working for 9 minutes.

Check it out.  Go G.R.!

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