The Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Girl, Don’t Be Tardy For The New Party. It’s Gone With The Wind Fabulous. Ok?


Who am I?  Who are YOU?

Girl, pleez.  Fix yo’ face, tighten that weave, figure out how to do arismastik and put on your red bottoms…because we’re going dancing.

It’s time to get Gone With The Wind Fabulous, you Hood Rat Bitch.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta 2013 Anthem has arrived, and it is a veritable potpourri of Fierce and Fab and Freaky Deaky.

Who knew that one little patio throw down between Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart would give birth to the next great auto-tuned dance tune?

Drag Queens, Gospel Singers, Toddlers, Beyoncé (…Keyoncé?…) and Lil’ Dick werkin’ his gas nozzle all collide in the just released Official Music Video.

And it’s a Kenyapalooza.

Step aside Kim Zolckiak and let Miss Kenya show you how it’s done.

Hold onto your synthetic wig as Key Key sings, poses and grinds her stuff all over the screen just like the true Diva she keeps saying she is…and still finds the time to poke a few of her fellow Housewives in the eye.

Oh, yeah.  She goes there, Phaedra.

Because she’s Gone With The Wind Fabulous.  And you’re not.


Trust me.

There’s enough Fabulousness in this video to keep you busy for a whole year.

All 265 days.

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