Dance Moms: The View From The Top Ain’t Always Pretty When The Candy Apples Take Over The Big Apple.



Sit down, Simon. Shut up and give Paula and Randy a chance to talk.






I distinctly recall being told there would be snacks.






Haters gonna hate. I know my junk looks freakin’ amazing in this dress, baby.






Dang, girl. I would totally tap dance that. Hit me up.






Girl, puhleez. She ain’t the only thing in NYC with big hair and boobs. How you like this View, boys?













I cant’ remember if I packed the Jerky.





Start spreading the news.

And locking your doors.

Not since King Kong…or maybe Eden Wood…has there been such panic in the theater district.  Screaming children.  Hysterical mothers.  Drama and chaos.

Glitter everywhere.

That could only mean one thing.  Dance Moms just invaded New York City.

The ALDC hit The Big Apple this week all thanks to Abby Lee Miller‘s co-hosting gig on ABC’s The View and the (…up until today anyway…) previously unheard of Masters of Dance Competition.  And wherever Abby and her team go, you know the Candy Apples can’t be far behind.

After losing out to Chaos Cathy Nesbitt-Stein and her Evil Dance Lair boy band during their last confrontation, Abby could smell blood in the water as they arrived in NYC.

Looking like a Shrinky Dink version of some 1950’s girl gang in their pink satin bowling jackets, the ALDC wasn’t wasting any time as they headed into the Stepping Out Studio to get the party started.

But first things, first.  Because even when you’re on the road, you always make sure to pack your Pyramid of Shame.  Toiletries, Mom’s iPhone charger and your Pyramid.

Bottom row of the traveling triangle show was reserved for Mackenzie, BrookeNia and firecracker Asia.

MackTicTac was still on the down low because of that mysterious on again/off again foot issue that only seems to manifests itself when she has to go up against Asia in a booty pop contest.  Otherwise, she seems to be fine, especially when national television cameras are focused on her backflips.  But that’s a whole other Melissa issue.

Nia and Asia’s duet in the previous competition got them stuck in the basement, due to Nia having trouble keeping up with Asia’s double timed music video shimmy.  That little thing does like to get her Beyoncé on, but even Sasha Nia wasn’t quite ready for that jelly last week.  Brooke joined them on the bottom basically because she was Brooke.

Second row was the Paige, Kendall and Maddie trifecta.  Paige and Kendall did ok in the last competition.  Good, but not great.  Better than the bottom, but not good enough for the top.  So there really wasn’t anywhere else to go.  But Abby was fairly happy with their recent performances and that prevented any Jill melt downs.  So that was a bonus gift with purchase, even though I do love me some KrazyJill.

Maddie had only beat out the second place dancer by one digit on the score card last time, and that was cutting it a little too close for Abby’s comfort.  So second row it was, just to prove a point.

One single point, now that you mention it.

The top dawg this time around was Chloe and her little cabbage patch doll eyes.

She did amazeballs in her solo, and grew another inch, so that guaranteed her some numero uno real estate.

At the Masters this week (…the dancing one, not the golfing one…) Asia, Chloe, Maddie and Kendall would all be performing solos, so there was a lot of work to do before the competition.  A lot.

But first, the girls needed to stretch, shake off the cobwebs and practice The Last Text routine.  The number had to be perfect before they unleashed it on Whoopie Goldberg and the rest of the ladies on The View, because you know how they all get if you screw something up or talk too Republican on live television.

As you’ll remember from their original award winning performance of the OMG Don’t TXT Cute Boys While UR Driving routine, MackaYakka was the first body pulled from the crime scene.  But since Melissa and Dr. NoName had claimed that the little tyke could not dance for at least two solid weeks, Abby decided to replace her with Asia just to see Mom start to unravel.

The rest of the Moms still felt that Melissa had fabricated most of the medical drama, up to and possibly including bootleg x-rays and back alley muscle relaxer prescriptions, and therefore didn’t have much pity when Melissa started squawking about the swap out and the implications that her tiny dancer might not actually be such a great tiny dancer.

I believe Kelly‘s support for her friend was along the lines of “Welcome to my world.  How do you like it?”  And then something else that was (bleeped) out.

It is Kelly, after all.

As the Moms bickered back and forth about whether or not MackQuack was really injured and/or had been magically healed overnight, a little further down on the 3 Train the Candy Apples brigade was reveling in their newest Master Plan to destroy the ALDC.

Chaos Cathy had somehow managed to get her widescreen Apple TV Pyramid from Ohio to the bus to their temporary hideout, and plugged that bad boy in for the big reveal.

Nick (…the other Nick, not the original recipe one…) Jalen and Brandon‘s iPhotos were all techno-flipped over on the bottom row of the screen.

I know.  When there are only four people, it’s a little anticlimactic.  Even without a racing form you probably already probably figured out who the top one was gonna be.

Zack was The Man this week, because he had been the top soloist at the last competition.  So there, bitches.  Bros before Ballet Toes.

For the upcoming Masters (…no, Tiger Woods won’t be there…) Cathy decided to shake things up one mo’ time and bring in a girl dancer.

I know, right?  Craziness.

The only flaw in that plan was that she had forgotten to pack any girls, aside from congested Vivi-Anne, so that meant Cathy would need to audition some female dancer types who could actually dance to fill the spot.  Asap.

Luckily, she did remember to stuff the oh so fine Anthony Burrell in her Louis overnight bag.  You know Tony.  He’s the choreographer who went behind enemy lines after Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition and was now spraying his contemporary shizzle all over the Candy Apples.

And Mama likes.  You can tell.  Cathy gets all Desperate Housewives whenever Anthony comes around, and would probably walk out into oncoming traffic if she saw him on the other side of the road twerking it with a boom-box.  MmmMmm.

Back at the Stepping Out Studio, the Moms were still going at it.  Just like the last 2 1/2 seasons.  But now new Mom Kristie is part of the mix.  And she pretty much gives me life every time she starts flapping her earrings around and doing that PopOff thing she does with her wide eyeballs.

JLo don’t play.

Especially when it comes to Asia vs. MackSplat.  Who wanted the dance more?  Who should have it?  And what’s with that whole busted up foot charade?

JLo had no problem with the two girls going head to head in a dance off until only one was left standing.  She also had no problem shaking her gigantic frisbee earrings and getting all OhNoSheDin’t on Melissa’s head.  On the other side of the tracks, Melissa clearly was not comfortable with chick on chick street fighting and simply went in for the Soccer Mom kill by stating that she didn’t want her baby girl being all sassy on The View.

Yeah.  She went there.  Dissin’ Asia’s dance club chest rub.  Whatever…it’s on.

I’m all for the throw down.  Don’t get wrong.  The more, the better.  But all things considered, this one did seem like an awful lot of fighting over three back flips out the passenger side window and then laying on the ground for an entire dance.

But nobody asked for my opinion.

Then we were off to next season’s American Idol auditions.  Or so I thought.

Chaos Cathy had set up an iParty knock-off version of that Ryan Seacrest show, complete with Yo Dawg and an incoherent Paula Abdul.  I immediately smelled a spin-off show, and would like some residuals from the program if anyone decides to green light the project.

My girl Vivi-Anne was front and center, expecting to be dazzled by the auditioning dancers’ stage presence once her 64 oz. SlushPuppy kicked in.  She was also apparently waiting for someone to bring in her allergy meds, eye drops and Twizzlers.

Again, nobody asked, but I’m starting to think that she may have some kind of issue with dairy, because she’s always stuffed up after shoveling down ice cream or cheesecake.

I swear.  If she does not get her own sitcom within the next year…

Some of the kids showed up like it was opening night of A Chorus Line, complete with head shots, resumes and celebrity stories.  Some seemed to have wandered into the wrong casting call and faked out a few two steps just to keep their Moms happy.

There was even one sweet little butterball of a boy who appeared to have come in because he didn’t want to go to gym class.  But I liked him.  And so did Anthony, even though he sent him back home to practice.

Follow your dreams, dude.  Dance ’till your pants fall off.

The winner:  Victoria.  And her spunky Mom with her snappy short haircut.  Welcome to the Boys’ Klub.  And help yourself to some complimentary beef jerky.

Cathy and Vivi-Anne then scooted off to Junior’s Cheesecake to celebrate, and that one scene alone could pretty much be an entire blog post.  I can’t.  I just can’t.

Wipe your nose, honey.  And check out Jalen’s swag.


Back up the subway line, JLo was pulling a Jill and having Asia give Abby a thank-you card for letting her dance with the ALDC.  A big one.  Like the kind of card your whole homeroom would sign if you broke your leg over February vacation.  Take that, other Moms.

JLo don’t play.  Did I already mention that?

Finally, it was Showtime…at The View!

Abby put the girls through a dry run of their dance, with Asia doing the flip to face plant tumble, but she kept looking at the wrong camera when she landed.

Personally, I believe that she was so distracted by whatever was going on with Abby’s hair that she couldn’t focus.  But for the third time this week, nobody asked me.

As if we couldn’t all see it coming, Abby then swapped out Asia with MackCarJack who screwed up her flip as well.  She was afraid that she was going to fall off the stage and didn’t shoot out the passenger window far enough.

For realz.  The kid can do 73 back flips into a whatever they call that, but she was afraid of a 6 inch platform drop.  Seriously.  Have you ever seen the audience at The View?  I’m quite sure there’s gonna be at least one pair of cushy thighs in the audience to break your fall, sweetheart.  It’ll be ok.

Backstage, the Moms continued the same argument they had been having since the opening credits.  Except this time JLo added gym-toned arms and perfectly placed boobs to her giant earring arsenal.

Lawd.  That dress.  JLo…she don’t play.

Even Abby had to bow to JLo’s awesomeness when she came into the room.  If Abby’s hair hadn’t already been so crazy, I’m sure it would have stood up straight like that anyway when she got a load of JLo, who clearly expected to be asked to co-host the second half of the show.

Love.  Her.

Just like we love Christi‘s endless supply of ChristiFaces which she unelashed on Melissa throughout the whole How Do You Like It fight.

The View went great.  Abby was actually pretty nice.  She even smiled.  And they caught it on tape as proof.

Of course, she made the decision to replace Asia with MackDoubleStack at the very last minute before they performed the dance.  But JLo had said all along that she was coolio with what ever decision Abby made, so no biggie.  When you look that hot you really can’t be bothered, right?

Phase One of the ALDC NYC Take Over was complete.

Now…on to those Candy Apples.

To be continued.

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    You just keep me laughing! LOVE your blog.

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    I discovered you by accident but now I am here to stay. This is hilarious and I can’t wait until next week and what you have to say about it. It’s 2 hours so that’s lots of drama!

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