Hey there.  This is the deal.

I’m easily captivated, and distracted, by anything a little off center, new, trendy, shiny

…or on Bravo TV.  Andy Cohen is living The Dream.

Always on the look out for the latest & greatest in Pop Culture, which is basically anything that makes me say “Srsly?  That. Is. HIGHlarious.”

In my head I could work at the Genius Bar, but in reality I can’t remember to charge my iPhone at night.

I’ll deny it in court, but I’m also a little jealous of Ryan Seacrest.

Life, and yours truly, are both way too short to waste.  It’s all about the fun and the funny.  And if all that fun can be at someone else’s expense?  Score.

It’s also all about Reality TV…and a Hot Mess or two.

And then more Reality TV.

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Grab some snacks and let’s do this.


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