Yumba! Koshka Cookies on Etsy!

June 27th, 2011

SWM looking for some serious Cookie Love.

Stop what you’re doing.  Right now.  Get dressed, get in the car, go to the corner market, get a gallon of milk, get back home, slip into your Snuggie and get ready for some quality cookie time.

Koshka Cookies has some of the tastiest morsels you’ll ever shove down your pie hole. All handmade, homemade and preservative-free.  Crazy good cookies at a crazy good price that can be ordered directly from Jen’s store on the Etsy website.

They all ship in really fun gift bags or boxes with the Koshka kitty logo, so you can be trendy while you snack.  (The whole point being a gift bag for a gift, I suppose….but once you get these cookies in your radar scope, they’ll never make it to the intended housewarming.)  And even better, if you live in the Boston area, local delivery can be FREE.

Like any good bakery, there are lots of choices.  But my vote is for anything chocolate .

Or maybe chocolate.

Check ’em out.  Tasty, and DanCool.

Girrrrl Please…

June 26th, 2011

Thank you, Aunt Bunny.

Comedy Gold.  This one never gets old.

Job well done, Jason.


Swissvoice ePure Telephone

June 26th, 2011






Now this is totally DanCool.


Check out the new Swissvoice cordless phone available on the firebox website.


Designed to look like an icon on your homescreen, the phone is a total piece of artwork. This thing would be styling in any techie studio, designer’s home or retro loft.  If it works as slick as it looks, I want one.

Firebox is an overseas company, but they state that they will ship to the good ol’ USA.  If you get one before I do, let me know how jealous your friends are when they see it at your hip pad.

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