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DanCool Tube: iPad Head. Girrrl Pleez.

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Now you know that I love me some iPad.

After stalling until Version Number Two was finally delivered and uncrated in front of 100s of salivating geeks, all held at bay behind police barricades for the better part of a week, I caved and brought Baby iPad home from the Glass Staircase Nursery, and my Apple Family was finally complete.  And now I don’t know how I ever got by without that glassy thing.

I carry it around with me everyday like..umm…like I don’t  know…like it’s an iPad.  Der.

It’s pretty.  It’s shiny.  And it does stuff.  So I had to have it.

And I’m sure that more than once some bitter PC type has pointed me out to their equally bitter co-worker as they stared from their landlocked ethernet Hell…“Girrrl, pleez.  There goes iPad Head.  I swear that thing is attached.”  Oh no, she didn’t just go there.

One.  It’s not attached, thank you.  Two.  I wish.

That title goes to the real iPad Head Girl.  Check it out.

Hearst Publishing is launching Cosmo for Guys soon, and is going viral to promote their latest publication.  Crazy viral.  The new testosterone flavored Cosmo is an iPad only magazine, cuz dudes don’t read paper Cosmos.  That’s for girls.  Hearst’s creative agency got with one of the teams who worked special effects on the MTV Movie Awards, and iPad Head Girl was born.    Four iPads broadcast non stop video images, as well as give daring guys a chance to check out a few sample pages.  iPad Head Girl really wants to be swiped.   And now she is running wild through the streets of New York City.

She is wearing funky MTVish glasses inside the cube which broadcast the outside world, captured via the video feed inside her purse, so iPad Head Girl can see where she is going and not walk into a Microsoft Billboard or something.  Awkward moment.

I think I really need one of these iPad Heads, if for no other reason than to shut up the Mean Girls.

Yeah.  As a matter of fact it is attached.  Don’t be hatin’.

DanCool Apps: shopkick Mobile

Monday, June 27th, 2011




This is a MUST HAVE app.








End of story.








If you live in a major city, immediately delete all your Mobile Apps, and install this one.

shopkick is my all time favorite, hands down.

As soon as I walk out the door and begin my wanderings through Boston, this App is turned on.  Just by elbowing my way thru tourists looking for the Freedom trail and walking into my favorite stores, I can score deals and rewards.  I know it sounds too good to be true, but it works.  You’re going there anyway…so hell yeah, why not get rewarded for it?  It’s a check-in App that does all the work for you.

There are loads of ways to score with this App.  Thru some kind of Star Trekish signal in your mobile phone, the App picks up on where you are and allows you to score points & rewards (Kicks and Kickbucks).  Yeah…it’s a little Big Brother, I know.  But when Big Brother gives me FREE Best Buy gift cards…well, he can climb a ladder, look in my bedroom window and put the pictures on Facebook, thank you very much.

Walk into a selected store.  Get Kicks.

Check into a store on the list.  Get more Kicks.

Scan promoted items.  Get even more Kicks.

Redeem the Kicks for some very DanCool stuff.  iTunes cards, store gift cards and other things that will bring out your greedy side.  The whole process is dumbed down, too. Once you qualify for the rewards, they show up on your phone.  Show the code to the cashier and BAM!…they are filling a shopping bag with free loot.  The hardest part of the process is handing over my shiny iPhone for the transaction. Nobody touches my baby.

You can check my W2.  I’m not employed by their marketing department.  The App just works.  And I have a couple Benjamins worth of Best Buy stash to back it up.

Major cities are on board, with many more to come.  Loads of retail outlets are included, and new ones seem to show up every time I turn the thing on.  Check out their site and see if your city or stores are on the list.  Then put this on your phone.

Then buy me something.

Swissvoice ePure Telephone

Sunday, June 26th, 2011






Now this is totally DanCool.


Check out the new Swissvoice cordless phone available on the firebox website.


Designed to look like an icon on your homescreen, the phone is a total piece of artwork. This thing would be styling in any techie studio, designer’s home or retro loft.  If it works as slick as it looks, I want one.

Firebox is an overseas company, but they state that they will ship to the good ol’ USA.  If you get one before I do, let me know how jealous your friends are when they see it at your hip pad.

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