Toddlers & Tiaras Flashback: Relive A Few More Classic Moments When The Glitter Girls Went Wild. Sparkle, Baby.


Ok.  I’ll admit it if you will.

I might be having some separation anxiety over all this Toddlers & Tiaras cancellation drama.  Is it cancelled?  Is it on hiatus?  Is it going to another network?  Nobody knows and nobody is talking.

And you know how TLC is when it comes to answers and Pageant Dads…

Good luck getting a straight one.

(Relax.  That was a joke.)

Really.  Especially if that big ‘roided muscle dad who flexed for all the Fat Moms is out there somewhere phonetically sounding out all these big words.

Then it was definitely a joke.  And it was HIGHlarious, thank you.

And not that we really needed one, but at least all this Toddlers & Tiaras confusion gives us a good excuse to rewind and rehash a few more classic pageant moments that were instantly burned into our retinas the first time we witnessed them.

Like Tantrum Queen Makenzie Myers, who looked pretty much the same way I did when I heard that T&T might be gone forever…


Or this little nugget, who also just heard about her show being cancelled.  Are you listening, TLC?   (Shout out to Annette Hill back there.  Hey, Girlfriend.  Werk!)


And, of course, there was my girl Tonya who put half of America into an uncomfortably awkward diabetic coma before her pageant even started.  Bow Chicka Bailey.


Trust me.  If it’s true and all our tiny princesses are really going away, you can bet they’re going with the biggest, sassiest BuhByeBitches that you’ve evah seen…


All this reminiscing is making me a little emotional.  And hungry.  Really hungry.  Any good suggestions for munchies, Paisley Dickey?


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3 Responses to “Toddlers & Tiaras Flashback: Relive A Few More Classic Moments When The Glitter Girls Went Wild. Sparkle, Baby.”

  1. Fred Says:

    Maybe it’s for the best . I mean as a blue collar working fella I can’t really show up at work and say ” Hey ,did you fellas see little Brooke crying on T&T because she wanted to win the playhouse to play ‘Peek a boo’ , I was a hot mess .” And what am I supposed to do with this knowledge I’ve subliminally learned of cupcake skirts , pretty feet , poise and projection.
    I’ve tried to stop watching but ultimately find myself passing by as I channel surf and choke on a cheese ball in the 3 seconds it takes to see what’s on. I’ve tried watching shows about chainsaws, truck driving and such but I’ve done all that and it’s kind of like staying after work to review the workday footage , But crazy , Blurt out whatever ,downright kookiness why that’s just quality entertainment right there. And if I developed a crush on Traci Eschteberger in the process , Well who’s gonna know. Your reviews are always outrageously entertaining and perhaps the days of tinker tea , chookie moves and Mom’s that don’t understand why dressing a 3 year old as a booger eating street walker isn’t seen as adorable by the masses are gone forever . But we’ll always have Mackenzie quotes to warm our hearts.

  2. Jean Says:

    You, sir, are truly the “total package”.
    If there’s a Mrs. Fred she’s one lucky woman…

  3. sandy bailey Says:

    T&T was just one scary (baby?) step in some cases away from T&A on all the other channels…what were these mom’s thinking??? “Werking” girls in training? A potential reality show, no doubt, about fifteen years down the line(if there is any reality left by then) “T&T kids; Where Are They Now?” imagine the possibilities…

    BTW Fred, I love you …

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