Toddlers & Tiaras Flashback: Whaaat?! Oh No They Din’t Just Do That! A Few More Outrageously OMG Moments.


Not gonna lie.

I’m still having a little trouble reconciling myself to the fact that Toddlers & Tiaras may be gone for good.  I can tell this is gonna be a long process.

I’m missing my guilty pleasure giggles and flabbergasted forehead slaps.  Not to mention all the Life Lessons learned each week.

I’m talking about those classic T&T Moments.  The ones that made us spit our drinks out and then hit Rewind on the remote.  The ones worthy of the TLC Time Capsule. 

Classic.  And outrageous.  And there were lots of them.  Especially the outrageous ones.

The ones that made us laugh more than they should have…and taught us more than we ever needed to know.

Like my girl Paisley, who showed all the Haters how to turn a yellow Muppet Show wig and a couple of wobbly runway struts into mini superstardom.

Umm.  Hello?  Drama Queen on E! anyone?  Or movies?  Or photo shoots and airline peanuts on cross country trips to Hollywood?  Because that’s totally happening, bitches.

Or Mia-donna, who taught me how a true diva should always enter a coat check room at the club.  Running with scissors is so over rated.  Try these bad boys.

26770282kLdAnd don’t forget Makenzie and her keen eye for fashion.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-25856-1326297775-1And Kayla.  Who…well…you know.  Suck it, Miley.

vodka-n-wiskySo TLC, you bring back my show.  Now.  You wouldn’t like me when I don’t get my way.

tumblr_m1zp2hfiWt1qfk1qeo1_500I’m kind of a big deal in the Toddler Blogosphere, mmmkay?  Just sayin’.

tumblr_lq02ous3rb1qbnfoaSo bring it back and I promise I’ll be happy.

tumblr_lq02vv0jOM1qbnfoaHappy.  And pretty fabulous.


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One Response to “Toddlers & Tiaras Flashback: Whaaat?! Oh No They Din’t Just Do That! A Few More Outrageously OMG Moments.”

  1. Fred Says:

    Someone must have told Kayla that a Shirley Temple was a pop. I was sort of expecting to see Baby Dolly Pardon there but I reckon there’s limited space on a blog.
    Maybe they’ll be back and we can see more visits to the cathouse to channel spirits for victory and Find out who taught a certain Baby to ‘Catch all the poop ” but until then we have your
    flashbacks to warm our hearts and renew our faith in glitter farts.
    I think they have enough Queens now to do an Uncles and Tiaras special .
    How about another look at some of the lovely Judges and their snarky remarks . Sometimes I’m all “Wha…What Did that bag lady just say? “

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