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Dance Moms Rewind: A Survival Guide Of Life Lessons Learned At The ALDC. Some Old Stuff…Until The New Stuff.

Saturday, June 14th, 2014

Cut me some slack, people.  It’s better than nothing.


Not gonna lie.  This whole Dance Moms dry spell kinda caught me off guard.

Wait.  What?  No new episodes?  At first I was all like…

giphy-1Then I think I went into denial or something.
Until I finally just lost my nutty.  Oh  Hell Nah.

ep17_-_holly_1Luckily, someone let me know it’s only temporary and the show would be back.

tumblr_m5c17dxjfa1r43mqxo1_500I tried filling the lonely hours with my other hobby.

Tumblr_lrhm9mOLYu1qgpj81o2_500That was fun for a few weeks, but eventually I got bored.  And pretty bloated.

tumblr_mr4cmpl8nx1r2gixro1_500It was time to stop being such a baby and remember what the ALDC taught us:

toddlers-tiaras-its-time-to-pop-in-your-pappy-L-p_Y69xWalk into work on Monday like a Boss, even when you’re still wearing Friday’s clothes.


Or make this fiercely fabulous entrance.  PS…This bitch is totally copying Nia.


Portion control.  Just do it, fercryinoutloud.

Kelly-Stop-Eating-Dance-MomsAwkwardly inappropriate office bromances seem to be more accepted nowadays.

Lifetime_Dance-Moms_0_Boy-Crazy-Mom-Crazy_110864_LF_HD_768x432-16x9Never underestimate the power of a sassy new makeover, mmmkay?

tumblr_inline_mqyz06xPq31qz4rgpI know, right?  So beautiful.  My principal never had zippers on her pant suits.

tumblr_m9fpxdDEXy1r7dslfHow the Laverne & Shirley of our generation made subtlety and noon cocktails a thing.

dance-moms-quotes-christi-116-1And don’t even get me started on Walmart.

Leslie_payton_dsdsI know what you guys are probably thinking by now…

tumblr_lyovjwWxmn1ql5yr7o1_400Of course not.  I mean…well, maybe just a little.

tumblr_m7c3qznboJ1ql5yr7o1_400But I have an amazing poker face, so you’d never know it.

tumblr_static_sdfkj_kendallAll things considered, I think I’m handling the mid-season break pretty well.

1578086874_1785443392001_Lifetime-Dance-Moms-222-Dr-Holly039s-Book-Club-114522-SFOr not, maybe.

Toddlers-and-Tiaras-CryingYeah.  Emotionally…

Tumblr_mjzyabM4nQ1qd9agqo1_500Totally unrelated side note:  This is still the best gif ever in the history of ever.  Werk.

Tumblr_mijdq2cJNl1ql5yr7o1_500So now I guess we should just sit and stare at the TV until Dance Moms returns.


Sounds like a plan.  You know where to find me.  Buh Bye now.


Dance Moms Flashback: Recycle A Few Classic ALDC Moments. And Fix Those Feet While You’re At It, Please.

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

dancemoms1It’s ok.

I know you’re missing your Dance Moms.

Sure, you had a few weeks of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition to hold you over.  

But that doesn’t really count.  Especially when the void in your Tuesday nights can only be filled with some straight up Crazy Mom on Mom action.

Hollywood was nice.  But the party’s in Pittsburgh, yo.

So whether the show is your closeted guilty pleasure or you wear your shiny ALDC track suit loudly and proudly down at the mall, this is a good time to rewind and recycle a few classic moments to hold us over until January.

Because I know how you love them Dance Moms.

And I know how you get when you’re missing your show and people start talking smack about your stories.  OhNoTheyDin’t.

tumblr_lzexk4He3E1ql5yr7o1_400Or maybe you just go full out Mime in a Box with Wax On/Wax Off windshield wiper hands when you blow a nutty.  Because that would be totally awesome.


When your show comes back, I know you’ll do a Happy Dance down the street.


Or maybe an exceptionally Happy Dance and back all dat up into traffic.


Or maybe not.


But whatev.  You’ll figure it out by January.  I don’t have time for this right now.


No.  Really.  Peace out, bitches.


And one bonus photo of the girls sitting around reading my blog.  Just saying.


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