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Toddlers & Tiaras Flashback: Shake It Like A Polaroid Glitz Picture. It’s An All Dancing, All That Jazz Extravaganza.

Sunday, November 24th, 2013


Hey Mr. DJ put a record on.

And one of those homemade CDs that Mama June burned off iTunes.

Then slap some dancing shoes on those pretty feet and let’s do this, because it’s time for another Toddlers & Tiaras rewind.  And this one comes with a beat you can dance to.


Like Ultimate Pageant Dad David Perez.

Papa’s got a brand new bag, you know.

And it glitters like a shiny Mr. Roboto.


Or you could throw your hands…and your big ginger puppet…up in the ayah ayah.

giphy-1If you like it then you better put a wig…and padded bra…on it.

tumblr_lsvj2oqXWS1qejlczo1_500Bitch, pleez.  Let Daddy show you how it’s done.

giphy-2Divas to the dance floor please.

tumblr_lnyu2pNQZo1qdu1jmAnd whatever this is.

giphy-4Which was supposed to look like this, I think.  Werk.

tumblr_lnyu2faf2d1qdu1jmStop.  In the name of Love.  Really…just stop.


Toddlers & Tiaras: Sometimes It Takes More Than A Crazy Pageant Mom To Win The Crown. A Father’s Day Salute, Because Someone Has To Sew The Dresses And Build Stuff. Sparkle & Spackle, Baby…It’s Your Day!

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012


Sure.  Any Dad can spray paint a back yard picnic table.

But it takes a special dude to hose down his daughter in St. Tropez Fake Bake Medium with one hand while hot glueing sequins onto a cupcake dress with the other.

Pageant Dads.  Go figure.

Whether they’re modeling a tiara, choreographing some seriously pretty feet or just chilling in the hizzle using their child’s head for paper towel roll target practice, nobody can deny the support they have for their children and families.

Some are rough and tough hunters and bikers.  Some…not so much.

Pageant Dads.  We salute you.

You rule the aisles of both Home Depot and Jo-Ann Fabrics with ease, while proving that if you slam them back with a can of Bud, Pixie Sticks can be for Big Boys, too.

But most importantly, you prove that not all the crazy DNA is maternal.

So on your special day this month, kick back in your comfy outfit of choice and have someone else bring that Go-Go Juice to your Man Cave.

Happy Father’s Day.

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